Race car preporation

With compelling results in: The East African Safari Rally, Liege Rome Liege, Rally de Corsica or the Monte Carlo Challenge we have established an excellent track record. Because of our knowledge and experience, we know where the bottlenecks are in relation to Classic Car Racing. In this specific car sport, you need the expertise of seasoned knowledgeable experts. They intuitively see and feel what a classic race car needs. The preparation is crucial. How else could you start well and get the to finish without any problems. We understand where the bottlenecks in the Classic Sport Car Racing lie and we have all the knowledge and equipment to prepare a car properly. A well-prepared car by a team of experts is half the work for a successful rally race or circuit race.

In addition to preparing Classic Race Cars for a successful rally race or circuit race, we can prepare these for the road as well as the motorway to the customer's wishes. More specific information can be found by visiting the garage or contacting us.


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